"When I heard about the challenge I jumped on it straight away, i needed a challenge, I needed to embrace the suck, along with following your old videos about your food relationship journey in order to repair mine.  Im currently down 13lbs and loving the creative workouts every week, I really feel 10 times better that I am setting a goal and achieving it, and it has also helped me in carrying this mentality into other aspects of life such as work and relationships." - Gavin O'Donovan

 "The Embrace The Suck program is truly doing the title. Waking up in the morning and working out to the maximum. I am a cross country runner and I feel the suck especially on leg days when I have to run two times a day and embracing what I have to do and getting it done. The program itself has taught me to keep moving when it all hurts and to get inching forward little by little. Nothing kicks the day off better than doing deadlifts." - Nickolas Dye

"The program is great really loving the combination of strength, crossfit and cardio, feeling stronger, healthier and just all round fitter. Keen for the next chance to embrace the suck!." - Jake Walker

 "I really enjoy the workout plans every week as they are always different from the last which keeps me interested and motivated. The high volume weight exercises and the intense cardio sessions, such as the MURPH are extremely challenging but are very rewarding when you complete them and see the results in the mirror. I stared the challenge at a weight of 211 pounds and I am currently sitting at 198 pounds as I write this testimony, this shred is all due in part to the EMBRACE THE SUCK challenge and calorie deficit. Also, the recipes that can be found on your channel are delicious and help making the tracking of macros easier. I would highly recommend this challenge for anyone who wants to really get into bodybuilding, live a healthier lifestyle or just trying to get that summer body. " - Allan Croke

"Yet another great program put together by a knowledgeable trainer that is designed nearly flawlessly. The only criticism I have is that you need to be indecent shape before you start, simply because some of the movements/exercises require it. Other then that your program has certainly helped me move forward by leaps and bounds toward my goal. Below please find before and after pictures. The first photos are from when I started using your programs last November at 220lbs and the second is when you rolled out the embrace the suck challenge at 175lbs." - Mike Sommerfeld
"The 12-week ETSC has been a demanding but effective workout to say the least. It has made me push my mental and physical limitations to the extreme, but in the most invigorating way possible. The variation the ETSC implements week to week touches all bases and then some. Follow this plan to a T and you will see the results you seek without a doubt.  Plans like this don't usually come for free so take full advantage of this opportunity and you will not be disappointed." - SPC Cota, Marcus, US Army
"I'm just getting started and plan to have even more paid off by the end of the challenge.  I can't wait for the next!  I'm obsessed and can't get enough of this hard work." - Bradley Wall
"This program is great in many ways! It’s helped me get from 205 to 187 in a matter of 6 weeks!! Crazy right!? Well the workouts that Nick has implemented in this program are no joke either. The reps and sets constantly change week by week so your not stuck doing the same boring rep ranges. Nick has definitely done a great job putting this program together. If your on the fence about doing this program, just do it!! I promise you won’t regret it!" - Justin Shetrawski
"When I first heard you were making this 12 week "Embrace the Suck" program I immediately signed up to it. I'm not goning to lie - I am a week behind but i'm still following it. Your training regimen is absolutely insane but I must say it's definitely working, I started at 92kg(202lbs) and now currently weigh 83kg(184lbs). My goal is to lose 10 kilos but seeing as im almost there I want to push myself and aim to get lower than that even after the program finishes. Your 12 week training program is more than just a workout program. I feel that it has affected my mentality in the sense that no matter how hard things get I can always push through it and come out the other end stronger. I have more confidence in myself and my capabilities, not just physically but that I can do better and always improve." - Mark Basilan
"I gotta say this program was absolutely awesome. For someone who used to do wrestling, and have to cut weight in ridiculous amounts of time; this was a good change of pace. The work-outs sucked at times and I fell unmotivated a lot, but just had to remind myself as to what I was shooting for. I started weighing in at 160 lbs and am currently weighing in at 140 lbs. Now for some I may not have lost much, but this was a huge milestone for me and I just gotta say thanks Nick for making this program available!" - Ryan Taliancich
"The “Embrace the Suck Challenge” has been difficult to say the least. Going into this challenge I was expecting a lot of hypertrophy because it’s a cutting style program. However I got way more than that; I got to become more defined not only physically but mentally too. Pushing through every rep, looking at my old PR’s and thinking no way then proving myself wrong time and time again. I can proudly say I’ve transformed. I may not be the strongest but because of this program I can damn sure show you I have a lot of heart!" - Zachary Roberts
"I've been using your program for around 7-8 months.  Before using the program I was 223 pounds.  As of today I am 172 pounds!  My bench press increased by 140 pounds, my deadlift increased by 90 pounds and my squat increased by 90 pounds.  Your program changed my life, and I also use your supplements everyday!" - Matt Lefevre 
"I just started your program last week.  It is absolutely destroying me but I'm pushing through it.  I started weighing 237 pounds and have already lost 4 pounds. I look forward to what the entire program is going to do!" - Alexander Nolasco
"I have been able to increase my bench press from 135 pounds to 250 pounds and increased by squat from 155 pounds to 315 pounds. Thanks for the inspiration man!" - Brody Hill 
"After 6 weeks in to the Embrace The Suck Challenge I have increased my squat PR by 20 pounds!  I love the programming.  Feeling sore everyday but I love it!" - D Mo
"I absolutely love the program. I have a hard time finding and developing a workout plan for me that is exciting and keeps me motivated but this program definitely got me over plateaus and im down 15 pounds so far. I recommend these workouts to all my buddies and they have seen improvements in their lifts and have cut some extra weight on top of it. Im preparing to go back to the Army after a 4 year break in service and this has definitely gotten me on the right track to be a grunt again. Thanks Nick this has been amazing and I look forward to your next one!" - Nicholas McDonald
"I joined the 12-week Embrace the Suck challenge because I was struggling getting to the gym consistently and thinking of exercises that would challenge me physically. I am an ex-rugby varsity athlete, so I was used to having my programs already made, lifting, and getting stronger. When Nick released the challenge, I was quick to jump on board because it had been 5 years since I was constantly in the gym. I knew that his program would help benefit and challenge me like when I was an athlete. After 2 weeks in, I already started noticing physical changes in my arms and I felt stronger. The program was pushing me to limits that I haven’t experienced in 5 years! Each week is a new challenge, and Nick does a great job with changing up the exercises so that it doesn’t get repetitive. I have been setting small goals throughout the weeks, and been achieving them one by one! I also found that the programs are perfect if you’re short on time. In the first few weeks, I would only be able to get in 1 hour sessions, and I would just shorten the program from 4 sets to 2, and I was able to fit everything in! Regardless of the time I had, this program always delivered. This challenge is perfect if you’re just starting, getting back into lifting, or looking to push yourself further. If you’re thinking of joining, I would highly recommend it. You will see results, and you won’t regret it!" -  Emily Laudi