12 Weeks...

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Embrace The Suck Training is a 12-Week fitness program that is revamped and re-released four times a year.  Every week of training is a little different! You can train along side Nick Bare and the BPN team in 12-week intervals.  This is a high volume training program that incorporates resistance training, strength training, cardio programming and metabolic conditioning on a weekly basis.  Take the challenge. Embrace The Suck.

This program is great in many ways! It’s helped me get from 205 lbs to 187 lbs in a matter of 6 weeks! The reps and sets constantly change week by week so you're not stuck doing the same boring rep ranges.

Justin Shetrawski

Pushing through every rep, looking at my old PR’s and thinking there was no way.  I proved myself wrong time and time again. I can proudly say I’ve transformed!

Zachary Roberts

I started the challenge at a weight of 211 pounds and I am currently sitting at 198 pounds as I write this testimony (6 weeks later). This shred is all due in part to the EMBRACE THE SUCK challenge and calorie deficit.

Allan Croke